05 (The new fence)

Home improvements – The new fence

So after nearly a year (seriously, it’s been about 11 months) we finally got around to repairing and replacing our back fence.  It was the original fence from when the house was built and it was starting to fall over and some of the slats were starting to break. In general, it just needed to be fixed. 

The plus side is that now the dog has full access to the back yard again, so there’s no more having to walk her on a leash like we did when we lived in an apartment, and it was also the last pending thing I’ve had on my to-do list.  Only downside was that I had to give up most of a day off because it took about 7 hours, and the guys working on the fence were blasting music all day. So unless our neighbors are fans of Tejano music, we probably didn’t make very many friends.  However, if they are fans, then I’m sure they were having a great day! 

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