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At this point, I’d just rather have a stranger write this section.  Maybe someone who loves to talk about themself, but they can just substitute my name in there?

Maybe it could be written by someone who’s lived a Secret Life of Walter Mitty kind of life?  Not necessarily the first part of the movie but more along the lines of the last 30ish minutes where he ventures out into the world and starts to let go.  You know, the part where the real adventures start?  No?   Ok…

But, I digress… Since my original suggestion isn’t likely, we’ll just stick to the basics.  Who am I?  Why do I look so excited in the photo to the left? Why are we all gathered here today?  What is the meaning of life (some say it’s 42, btw)?  Well… I suppose I can start and finish this with just a few words, while the rest is found scattered throughout this corner of the internet like a messy teenager’s room.  Pictures here and there, some links to videos, and even some random self indulgent thoughts for good measure.  

At the root of it all, I’m a Tennessee kid who’s firmly planted in middle age, and at the same time refusing to let that be a factor in anything I do.  Well, other than I’m out of shape, my bones creak when I get off the couch, and I can’t dunk a basketball anymore (even though I’m 6’6″) or kick flip a set of stairs.  But besides all of that, this is just a corner of the internet for all of my junk to come crashing together.  Enjoy!

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