A New Year, A New Blog

So after a year of giving it my best shot of trying to complete a 365 day blog (only missed it by about 5 posts), I’ve decided to pick up my digital belongings and start fresh. I’ve had a few other blogs over the years but there’s something about a fresh start that’s just so enticing. While I know this won’t be a 365 blog, I do have some introductory high expectations for myself on keeping this one a float.

Whether it’s travel pictures, random daily thoughts, YouTube videos, or quotes that fit the mood, I’ll be storing them here so I can come back to them one day and say to myself “seriously?  I posted that?!”

To be honest, and well, we all know that the Internet is filled with with honesty (please see definition of sarcasm), it’s nice to be able to randomly post my thoughts or pictures and if someone wants to check’em out, they can. If not, no worries, this is all for me anyways.

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