12 (The Con)

The line before the line to get in to the Alamo City Comic Con today.

So today was the Alamo City Comic Con, and just like every year, I bought my tickets in advance so I could skip all the lines and avoid the hassel.. Well this year, I was wrong.  Very wrong.  Maybe it’s because there were a lot more poeple attending this year or maybe it’s because this one seemed to be less organized than the previous years?  Who knows… But I do know that I spent about 30 minutes in this set of lines, only to have to wait in another set of lines just to get into the main hall once I got my wristband.

Overall, it was a pretty good time, but it was borderline overcrowded, and I seemed to spend most of my time wading through the seas of people.  Hopefully next year they’ll go back to the previous setup so it will be a little more spread out.

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