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Almost There!


What started out as just trying to find some new ideas for my vinyl sticker shop that I have on Etsy, is starting to turn into something much bigger than I anticipated, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting more and more excited about it.  Not because I think it’ll be the next million dollar brand, but mostly because it’s providing me with the opportunity to get back in front of the computer and design some new things.

Wander and Wild has become my new side project for design, and it’s inspired by all of the days I have been able to spend outdoors in the wild, travelling , and daydreaming of all the places I want to see before I clock out of my time here on earth.  It’s apparel and designs, and it’s inspired by our lives and the world around us.  It’s designed to remind us that there’s a great big world out there just waiting for us to explore it, and it’s up to us to take advantage of every opportunity to see it.

I’m just now in the process of launching the online store, and I’m anticipating an early February launch date with at least a few items.  I don’t want to hastily jump into this, so I’m 100% comfortable taking my time to make sure I do it right, and I’m happy with what is there.

This has been by far one of the most educational experiences I’ve had in awhile, and I’m expecting it to be equally as challenging as it will be rewarding.

Until then, please feel free to bookmark the site, and check back soon:

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